Kevin Crow

Assistant Professor of International Law and Ethics International Faculty Fellow at MIT

Ashley Chiampo

Founder of New Global Mind Consulting

Sam Flanders

Assistant Professor of Economics International Faculty Fellow at MIT

Renato Lima de Oliveira

Assistant Professor of Business and Society. Research Affiliate at MIT


Assistant Professor of Management and Organizations
International Faculty Fellow at MIT

Rajesh Nair

Professor of Practice, Innovation  & Entrepreneurship. Visiting Scholar at MIT

Sylvia Ng

Assistant Professor of Marketing. International Faculty Fellow and Research Affiliate at MIT

Melati Nungsari

Assistant Professor of Economics and Research Affiliate at MIT

Loredana Padurean

Associate Dean and Faculty Director for Action Learning
International Faculty Fellow at MIT

Muhammad Sabri Rawi

Senior Lecturer

Willem Smit

Assistant Professor of Marketing International Faculty Fellow at MIT

Abigail Tay

Deputy Dean and Faculty Chair Assistant Professor of Economics International Faculty Fellow at MIT

Thun Thamrongnawasawat (Tan)

Professor of Practice

Eli Remolona

Professor of Finance
Program Director of Masters of Central Banking

Hans Genberg

Professor of Economics
Senior Director of Banking and Finance Programs

Gabriele Ciminelli

Assistant Professor of Finance and Economics

Anella Munro

Professor of Economics

Triwit Ariyathugun

Assistant Professor of Economics

Michael Frese

Professor of Management

Ong Shien Jin

Professor of Practice

Visiting Faculty

Javad Feizabadi

Associate Professor at MISI Director of PhD Program and Winter Academy Director of Mobility Center of Excellence (MCE)

David Gonsalvez

CEO and Rector at MISI Research Affiliate at MIT

Debabrata Ghosh

Assistant Professor at MISI

Shardul Phadnis

Associate Professor and Director of Research at MISI

Albert Tan

Former Associate Professor at MISI

Nabil N. El-Hage

Chairman of the Academy of Executive Education Faculty Member for Iclif

José Santos

Affiliated Professor of Practice in Global Management

Bruno Verdini Trejo

MIT Lecturer of Urban Planning and Negotiation Executive Director of MIT-Harvard Mexico Negotiation Program

James Womack

Founder and Senior Advisor of Lean Enterprise Institute Inc.

Academic Associates

Zhai Gen

Research Manager

Siti Hadija Mohd

Academic Associate

Siti Najaa Zulkifli

Academic Associate

Qistina Jamil

Academic Associate

Atiqah Shahrin

Academic Associate

Jason Yap

Academic Associate

Gee Keat Chee

Academic Associate