The MIT Connection


In April 2015, Bank Negara Malaysia and MIT Sloan jointly announced a strategic collaboration to establish the Asia School of Business (ASB) in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Developing Next Generation Leaders in ASIA and Beyond

ASB was founded in response to the need for highly-qualified, industry ready talents to fill the needs of the exponential growth and opportunities of Asia and the emerging world.The collaboration sees the merging of the power of Asian ambition with the best of the MIT Sloan rigor to produce Asia-ready change makers and entrepreneurs. The inaugural class of ASB students earned their MBA degrees in March 2018. The 45 graduates hailing not just from Malaysia, United States and many other parts of the world.

World-Class Action Driven Curriculum

ASB’s flagship postgraduate MBA programs are all imbued with MIT Sloan’s values and approach. The same rigorous core curriculum that is delivered in Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA is taught at ASB with students taking classes in both Kuala Lumpur and in Boston.

The well-established curriculum is further enhanced with ASB drawing from MIT Sloan’s hallmark Action Learning concept and uniquely makeing it a core part of its curriculum and education process. Action Learning makes-up a third of the curriculum which favors experiential and hands-on activities. The syllabus is tailored to provide a world-class approach to students so that they experience, test and apply theories learned both in the classroom and from hands-on projects across the globe while learning about the nuances of conducting business in Asia.

Students will have the opportunity not just to gain experience from around the region, but also to spend four weeks on an educational exchange program at MIT Sloan in the US for a truly holistic perspective.

MIT Components

A crucial part of the MIT Sloan collaboration is the presence of its renowned thought leaders in the ranks of the ASB faculty and board. They make up a panel of industry leaders and extraordinary scholars who are committed to growing ASB as a pioneer business school in the Asian region:

  • Professor Charles Fine, the Chrysler Leaders for Global Operations Professor of Management at MIT Sloan, serves as the President and Dean of ASB
  • Professor Athanasios Orphanides, the Professor of the Practice of Global Economics and Management at MIT Sloan serves as the Co-Chair of the ASB Board of Governors.
  • Senior MIT Faculty – Professor Richard Schmalensee, Dean Emeritus, The Howard W. Johnson Emeritus Professor of Management, Emeritus Professor of Economics, together with Professor David Schmittlein, John C. Head III Dean and Professor of Marketing both serve on the ASB Board of Governors.
  • World-renowned MIT Sloan Engaged Faculty visit and teach programs at ASB
  • International Faculty Fellows Program enables ASB Resident Faculty to fully immerse and spend time on the MIT campus, engaging in teaching and research development according to the principles of MIT.
  • ASB students visit MIT Sloan for one month
  • MIT Sloan senior administrators actively share global best practices with ASB counterparts