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Host Action Learning Experiences

A key feature of MIT Sloan’s “mind and hand” (mens et manus) philosophy is Action Learning, an innovative approach that accelerates learning through hands-on practice. At ASB, we believe the most impactful learning occurs when theory is actively applied, emphasizing real-world practice and application as the cornerstone of effective education.


What is Action Learning?

Action Learning is the cornerstone of the MBA at ASB. Students apply what they have learnt in the classroom to real business challenges in Malaysia and Southeast Asia, with expert guidance from ASB faculty advisors and business coaches.


Get Involved

Three Immersive Ways to Host an Action Learning Experience:


Over one week, students work as a class, broken in small teams, to tackle key business and operational challenges of the host organisation in Malaysia or Southeast Asia.

Team Projects:

Over a course of 3+ weeks, students work in small teams of three to five people and apply their learnings at a host organisation in and around Southeast Asia.

Summer Program (ALSP):

As individuals, students spend four to ten weeks applying the Action Learning approach to address the needs of a host organisation.

Fresh Perspectives
  • Access experienced talent with an average of 7+ years of experience.
  • Receive fresh, new perspectives from an international, cross-functional, and multidisciplinary team.
Application of Theory & Frameworks
  • Application of business tools and frameworks.
  • Access to research efforts from leading institutions like MIT Sloan and ASB.
Recommendations for Your Company
  • Dissemination of information.
  • Receive countermeasures.

Benefits of Becoming a Host

By guiding students through well-scoped projects, hosts receive access to motivated, hard-working future leaders eager to make their mark on your company and the world.


Steps on Hosting an Action Learning Experience


Review the Action Learning hosting experiences and suitability for your organization. 


Explore your organisations current and upcoming business challenge(s). 

Action Learning At ASB : At A Glance


The Action Learning Pedagogy

ASB students rotate between spending time in the classroom learning the latest theoretical tools and frameworks taught by MIT Sloan and ASB resident faculty, and on-site at various industry settings across Asia. Students work in diverse teams and solo, supervised by our faculty and business coaches.

Unlike a traditional capstone opportunity, this vigorous learning cycle is repeated throughout the program. Students reflect on themselves professionally and personally throughout the Action Learning experience, so that they can become thoughtful, effective leaders in a distinctively diverse, fast-growing Asian ecosystem.

Host Companies Testimonials

The MBA team worked like top consultants who had a few years of experience, under their belt. They were a fantastic group, bringing in a lot of insights, analysis and conclusions due to the diversity in the team.

It was a great experience for both us and the MBA team. They were all very resourceful, agile, and brave, they managed to build meaningful relationship with not just HR (host area) but other departments as well.

What an incredible array of professional talent, creativity, passion and energy. PTC’s future is becoming much brighter thanks to ASB's amazing AL Program.

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