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Much has been said about IQ and EQ, but what leaders need now in this quick-shifting business environment is AI (Adaptability Intelligence) – the Emotional and Social Intelligence Leadership Competency that entails having the flexibility to handle change, balance multiple demands, and adapt to new situations with fresh ideas. (Goleman et al., 2017). This flexibility requires emotional maturity, a critical skill that we at ASB rank among the top Smart skills of the future.

What does adaptable leadership look like? Think of it like water – shapeshifting to meet challenges as they arise; persistently carving through obstacles while remaining gentle and yielding on the surface; and finding new paths to flow towards even when seemingly trapped – all while remaining clean and pure by being consistently authentic.

In this course, emerging mid-level leaders and managers will be equipped with a toolkit to help them navigate the shifting waters of uncertainty, while leading with courage and humanity to thrive in times of great change.


Any experienced functional heads managing multiple teams or anyone who wishes to develop breakthrough leadership skills.

“The best leaders are fluid like water, adapting to the environment they find themselves in. In today’s increasingly digital world, leaders must navigate unchartered virtual environments all while continuing to engender respect and deliver results.”

If You Are a Leader or Manager Engaged In:

  • Leading and managing from the middle
  • Navigating high-stakes, crucial conversations where opinions and priorities may vary
  • Digital transformation or change management projects
  • Networking and gaining feedback from peers/colleagues from other industries
  • Revitalizing the mind, body and soul and harnessing the energy required to lead effectively



At the end of the program, participants will be able to:

Find and harness each individual’s source of leadership energy
Adapt personal leadership strategies and styles to different situations
Drive difficult conversations
Lead initiatives and interact in an emotionally intelligent way
Create a high-performance culture by developing and empowering teams
Manage the performance of direct reports more effectively

Sabri comes with a wealth of experience after working more than 25 years in the government sector as well as in the oil and gas industry. His tenure at PETRONAS allowed him the opportunity to work  alongside renowned  organizations like McKinsey as it rolled out its Operational Performance Improvement initiatives and its Global Leadership Learning Series, which was made compulsory in more than 25 countries. His skills at Top Team Alignment has helped many Senior Management Teams improve their effectiveness in their leadership roles.


Senior Lecturer

Dr. Thun’s research and teaching focuses on dissecting complex management and business models and cascading them for easy implementation by companies cross different industries. His robust B.A.S.E. model has inspired numerous organizations in their transformation processes.   He’s the author of the Brain-Based Leadership book series (2013-2016), a bestselling The Leadership Journey (2018) and is a regular newspaper columnist. In 2015, Dr Thun was the recipient of World HRD Congress’s “Global Coaching Leadership Award” and named “Consultant of the Year” by the Ministry of Industry, Thailand.

Professor of Practise

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31 May – 3 June


9.00am – 5.00pm

Program Fee

RM 18,000 / USD 4,500

Oct 30 – Nov 2


9.00am – 5.00pm

Program Fee

RM 18,000 / USD 4,500

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