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Unlocking a Low-Carbon Future for Malaysia

By : Judith Hermann, Esther Schuch, Maria Apergi, Laima Eicke, Andreas Goldthau,
Jude Kurniawan, Silvia Weko, Renato Lima-de-Oliveira

March 21, 2023

The policy recommendations presented in this policy brief were developed in cooperation with Malaysian energy experts during two stakeholder workshops held in November 2021 with 22 participants from various sectors, including the finance sector, think-tanks, civil society and NGOs, industry, and academia. The Malaysian energy system was modelled by the ISIGET research team of the IASS Potsdam using stakeholder-driven Cross Impact Balance Analysis to determine factors preventing or facilitating a sustainable energy future. The subsequent succession analysis reveals the factors that need to be addressed in order to trigger changes in the entire modelled system. The recommendations discussed by the Malaysian experts are based on the results of the succession analysis, which suggests that a trajectory change would require action across multiple fields to break up established decision-making patterns, liberalise the energy market, and channel post-pandemic recovery measures and long-term development plans towards green growth. More details on the method will be available in a forthcoming study.

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