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Prof. Renato Lima-De-Oliveira, Assistant Professor of Business and Society, Asia School of Business recently participated in a panel discussion on “Energizing Malaysia’s Future, with Gas” alongside Rosman Hamzah, Secretary General, Malaysia Gas Association, moderated by Sharaad Kuttan, Senior Anchor and Producer, Astro AWANI. Lima-De-Oliveira said besides being able to increase employment opportunities and the income of the energy source country, gas is a flexible and versatile energy source.

“In the last World Energy Outlook from the International Energy Agency (IEA), the experts from IEA said that gas is the hardest to predict. It’s the hardest source of energy to say if it’s going to increase, if it’s going to decrease. It’s a very versatile, very flexible source of energy. It contributes to decarbonizing the world, if you’re replacing coal,” Lima-De-Oliveira said.

To watch the full session recording, visit Astro AWANI’s YouTube channel