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Professor Kevin Crow, Assistant Professor of International Law and Ethics, Asia School of Business (ASB) and International Faculty Fellow at MIT Sloan, was elected to the coordinating committee of the European Society of International Law (ESIL)’s Interest Group on International Legal Theory and Philosophy (IGILTP) this May, making him the first business school professor and first ASEAN-based professor elected to the committee.

Professor Crow’s participation in the committee will span the next four years, during which time he will play a role in setting the theoretical and philosophical agenda for the world’s largest international law society. He will also contribute to the IGILTP’s mission of facilitating research, dialogue, education, and reporting related to all areas of international law and international legal theory.

Alongside his work with ASB and MIT, Professor Crow is an affiliated researcher focusing on freedom of political expression and data privacy with Columbia University’s Global Freedom of Expression Initiative, which brings together international experts and activists with the University’s faculty and students to survey, document, and strengthen free expression.

In addition, Professor Crow is active in legal consulting and international impact litigation, including advising UN working groups on global business and human rights issues. His new book, International Corporate Personhood: Business and the Bodyless in International Law (Routledge 2021), theorizes the phenomenon of corporate legal personhood in international law.

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