The Art of Influencing Through Empathy and Other SMART Skills


Everything you do in life is a negotiation. Whether you’re deciding where to go for dinner, in a high-stakes conversation to secure a promotion, or assigning work to a junior employee – you are in a negotiation. Your ability to persuade others, gain support for your ideas, and create win-win situations for one another will determine your success in life.

The common misconception about negotiation is that people see it as a zero-sum game. The smartest people are those who see negotiating as a game of value creation for both sides.

Successful negotiation is the ability to listen well, pay attention, reconcile the differences of both parties to create benefit and work towards an agreement that maximises value for both parties.

Whether in your work or personal life, understanding how to negotiate well is an essential aspect in building strong relationships, resolving conflict and collaborating with others. If you want to take your leadership effectiveness further and create a positive impact within your environment – this course is most certainly for you.

Taught by Sheila Singam, the Negotiating for Success course is structured around 3 key tensions that exist within most types of negotiations. These are the tensions between:

  • Creating and distributing value
  • The interests of principals and their agents
  • Empathizing with another’s point of view whilst asserting your own opinions

In any negotiation, people make choices about how to manage each of these tensions. Through interactive role-playing and simulations, this course will help you reconcile the tradeoffs and understand how to manage conflicts and differences to achieve the best possible outcome.

What you will learn
  • Key elements to successful negotiation regardless of the type of world we are in
  • Techniques to manage conflicts and the 3 key tensions in negotiations
  • Cross-cultural negotiations and multi-party ​negotiations

Learning requirements:

In order to earn a Certificate of Completion, participants must attend the required sessions and complete any assignments by the given deadlines.


Sheila Singam has one and a half decades of experience in corporate training and coaching. She has conducted numerous programmes across various industries, including Negotiation and Influencing Skills, Leading Change, Stakeholder Relationship Management, Innovation and Design Thinking and several others. She has also done consulting on values-based culture change. She has a monthly segment on BFM89.9 where she speaks on various topics relevant to the corporate sector.

Mid- to Senior career professionals

For professionals in leadership and managerial roles, who aspire to advance in their careers and gain the confidence to negotiate for better outcomes.

Entrepreneurs and Business Owners

Understand how to better capture value and maximize performance for your business and stakeholders through successful negotiations.


May 6

9.00am – 5.00pm

Changes to the delivery mode for ASB ICLIF Executive Education courses may be made in accordance with government policies

Program Fee

RM 2,500

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