Becoming a 360 Degree Leader


The best leaders are not necessarily those who have all the answers, but who ask the right questions. In this engaging course, discover what matters most to you as a leader. By clarifying your north star, you can first lead yourself, and then, others.

It’s an incredibly challenging time to be a leader. The rate of technological advancement, rapid-fire globalization, and a global pandemic has turned agility and resilience from buzzwords into daily essentials.

Many leaders promoted to powerful positions have discovered that such perches do not guarantee success and impact. Despite having elevated positions, many leaders still face the challenge of “getting things done” on a daily basis. If you’re a leader, no doubt you’ve discovered in your journey that leadership requires more than power and authority. Neither a big title nor a “powerful” position makes a person an effective leader.

Ultimately, it is a leader’s values and ability to act on those values is what defines his or her leadership agency, and is the true measure of success in the situations they face. As companies pivot, restructure, and think about building resilience for the future, it’s more important than ever for leaders to learn how to harness their leadership potential to solve pressing challenges. This course will equip you to do just that.

What you will learn
  • Understand what moves people to take the necessary steps to perform
  • Able to explain what makes a leader great and provides a path to build these capabilities
  • Develop strategy for more effective leadership for self and others
  • Learn why some people are happier than others
  • Understand what does happiness have to do with leadership

Learning requirements:

In order to earn a Certificate of Completion, participants must attend the required sessions and complete any assignments by the given deadlines.


Muhammad Sabri, a Senior Lecturer at the ASB,  comes with a wealth of experience after working more than 25 years in the government sector as well as in the oil and gas industry. His tenure at PETRONAS allowed him the opportunity to work  alongside renowned  organizations like McKinsey as it rolled out its Operational Performance Improvement initiatives and its Global Leadership Learning Series, which was made compulsory in more than 25 countries. His skills at Top Team Alignment has helped many Senior Management Teams improve their effectiveness in their leadership roles.


Senior Lecturer

Portland State University, Oregon, BA (English), MA (Education)

Personal Leadership, Coaching for Performance, Communications, Public Speaking, Top Team Dynamic
Mid- to Senior career professionals

For professionals in leadership and managerial roles, who aspire to advance in their careers and gain the confidence to lead better.

Entrepreneurs and Business Owners

Understand how to better lead and manage yourself and others for maximum performance.

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February 27

9.00am – 5.00pm

Changes to the delivery mode for ASB ICLIF Executive Education courses may be made in accordance with government policies

Program Fee

RM 2,500

For more information, contact us at execed@asb.edu.my

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