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EU’s Door Closing Soon on Climate Change Agents

With a RM5.36 billion palm oil industry at stake, Malaysia’s palm oil exports are set to face stricter trade barriers to markets such as the EU, for their association with deforestation and biodiversity loss.

Prof. Renato Lima de Oliveira, Assistant Professor of Business and Society at the Asia School of Business (ASB) and senior fellow at The Institute for Democracy and Economic Affairs (IDEAS), shared his thoughts recently on how Malaysian businesses can respond to these growing trends with The Edge, Malaysia’s leading business and investment weekly publication.

He advocates for putting sustainability at the forefront of business strategy, greater engagement with societal stakeholders, and greater engagement with the government. “It’s a clear signal that the market for clean energy is only going to grow and some Malaysian firms can benefit from that,” said Prof. Renato.

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This article was originally published on the Edge Malaysia – a business and investment weekly.