Asia School of Business

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Position Overview:

The Research Assistant position is hosted by the Asia School of Business (ASB) at the Center for Sustainable Small-owners (CSS) at Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

The Assistant will collect and clean data from across various CSS initiatives and provide for Analysis for CSS research and Analysis team.

An ideal candidate will have demonstrated research and leadership in supply chain sustainability. Additional responsibilities may include – meeting project sponsors, stakeholders and assisting research staff in all matters related to the project. Candidates are expected to support center activities when appropriate including presenting results and findings to various audiences. Good presentation skills are desirable.


An ideal candidate would have completed an undergraduate degree with focus on data and analytics and/ or Social Sciences, Agri-Business or a related discipline.

Proficiency with English writing and communication with excellent technical writing skills are a must.

Advanced knowledge on Excel is a minimum, knowledge of statistical softwares and analytics tools is a plus. Preference will be given to those with both methodological and practical work experience.

General Description

  • To lead in coordinating the general research activities of the research project, including assisting the research center Faculty Director on project planning and management.
  • To manage and plan the research project, budget and expenditure together with the research center management team.
  • To lead in reporting research project activities to grant provider and senior management.
  • To lead, manage and monitor the research project administration, including the research project management, publication process, workshop organization and event organization.
  • To manage the promotion of the research project and research activities in the research center.
  • To participate in the general management activities of the research centers together with the research center management team.

Minimum Qualification and Skills Required

  • Excellent command of English and Malay (spoken and written) – both in research writing and also on business writing. 
  • Excellent general administration and Project Management skills.
  • Excellent skills in using Microsoft office software and other project planning tools.
  • Excellent organisational and collaboration skills, strong team player that can lead and delegate to teams.
  • Self-motivated to initiate, operate and manage multiple different operations in the research project and research center.
  • Timely and detailed-oriented in managing operations and administration.

Required Qualifications

Minimum 5 years working experience in relevant field.


The base salary will be in the range of RM5,500 to RM6,500, and EPF, SOCSO and insurance will be included.

Interested applicants are urged to submit their resume, cover letter and any relevant additional documentation.