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BFM: What Makes an Entrepreneur?


Can anyone be an entrepreneur? What defines an entrepreneurial mindset? All this and more as Enterprise explores ‘The Psychology of Entrepreneurship’ with Professor Michael Frese, Professor of Management at Asia School of Business. With a particular focus on his paper titled ‘The Psychology of Entrepreneurship: Action and Process’, we will dive into the underlying psychological factors that drive entrepreneurial success and the practical implications for aspiring entrepreneurs.

Other than that, we will also look into the nuances of the Action Theory Process Model of Entrepreneurship, dissecting how it offers a deeper understanding of entrepreneurial actions and outcomes. Professor Frese recently won the renown Global Award for Entrepreneurship Research from the Swedish Entrepreneurship Forum. Established in 1996, the award celebrates outstanding research that significantly influences the field, recognizing Professor Frese’s work and substantial contributions to psychology in entrepreneurship theory, small business development, and entrepreneurship training.

Listen to the full interview below.