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Zangabir, Start-Up Incubated at ASB Under RYSE, Receives Local Acclaim


PETALING JAYA: Zangabir is a brand of homemade ginger beer with a twist. The range of non-alcoholic carbonated beverages was created by 25-year-old Moorgan Kris, who started the business in August after pitching his idea under the Rapid Youth Success Entrepreneurship (RYSE) programme. RYSE is a research and social outreach project that aims to reduce youth unemployment and empower them by funding feasible business ideas.

Moorgan tells FMT he completed his education degree in 2020 but decided to put his teaching career on hold. He currently has a day job in events, although his passion lies in the food and beverage business. The programme, he says, provided him the opportunity to get into the F&B industry. Zangabir isn’t your average ginger beer – Moorgan has given it a twist by creating flavours that cater to the Malaysian palette.

There are currently four flavours: Ginger Kaw, Lemony Ginger, Flower Power and Pandan Grass. As ginger is an acquired taste, those who enjoy that spicy kick will love the “strong” ginger or lemon ginger, the latter of which is his current bestseller. Meanwhile, those who prefer something milder will enjoy the hibiscus or pandan lemongrass, which are made with natural ingredients.

Moorgan says he came up with the brand name after toying with variations on the word “Zingiber” – the Latin for “ginger” – and also learnt about fermentation to create his homemade brews. “I follow the natural fermentation process, which takes at least three days,” he explains. “I like to know exactly what goes into the drink, to ensure everything is of good quality.”

Each 300ml bottle is priced at between RM12 and RM15, and customers have the option of ordering in packs of six, which is priced between RM70 and RM75. They can opt to mix flavours as well. Orders have to be placed at least a week in advance, as he only makes each batch once orders have been received to ensure freshness. And once they have received their drinks, customers are advised to refrigerate and consume them within two weeks.

Moorgan says setting up pop-up stalls has helped boost sales of Zangabir. (Moorgan Kris pic)

Moorgan says public response to Zangabir was initially slow as many were not familiar with the brand. But business began to improve after he set up pop-up stalls in Kuala Lumpur, which allowed people to sample his products before buying. He is currently running the business on his own, although he has the help of family and friends.

“The process of meeting orders can be quite time-consuming, especially as I have a day job,” he says. “However, I hope to one day fully transition into solely running the business.” Moorgan teases that he has plans to introduce new flavours, and even hints at a mandarin orange flavour for Chinese New Year next month.

Zangabir currently delivers within the Klang Valley. To give these bubbly drinks a try, visit Instagram or Shopee to place an order.

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This article was originally published on the FMT Lifestyle.