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Why talented Indians and MIT sloan are heading to Malaysia

The Indian diaspora reaches far and wide, with many young people choosing to explore the world and build successful careers away from home. The US boasts one of the largest Indian populations, with over 4 million talented Indians expanding their experiences and learning, sharing their culture and making a positive, lasting impact in businesses big and small.

South East Asia is an increasingly popular destination, and in particular Malaysia. A vibrant economic centre, the country has become a leading education hub in the region. With a rich and diverse culture, in one of the world’s safest countries, cities such as Kuala Lumpur offer a world-class education that is far more affordable than neighbouring Singapore, the UK or North America. 

Sanjay Sarma, an IIT graduate and former Vice President for Open Learning at MIT has chosen Malaysia for the next chapter of his impressive career. The engineer, businessman, father, author, and professor last year accepted the position as the Dean, President and CEO of Asia School of Business (ASB) in Kuala Lumpur. 

His new leadership role made perfect sense to him. ASB was founded as a collaboration between MIT Sloan and the Central Bank of Asia. Students benefit from learning from both institutions, with a one-year MBA that will prepare them for their career, both in terms of the immersive Action Learning they will discover, and the cultural experience they will enjoy.

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This article was originally published on Times of India