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Rethinking Test-Centric Admissions


In 2020, Asia’s GDP is forecasted to take over the rest of the world, with the emerging markets of China, India, and Southeast Asia driving the majority of the growth. Yet in much of the emerging world, students don’t have enough access to high-quality education domestically.

Also, talented candidates from emerging market countries don’t have access to the best schools in advanced economies because they lack the access and resources to apply or attend. Outdated Approaches to Admissions Evaluation Test-centric admissions policies create barriers for those from lower socioeconomic and disadvantaged backgrounds.

For example, standardized exams required for leading universities are exceptionally expensive. Beyond the price to take the exam, in the emerging world, lack of testing availability is common. Quality preparation for these high-stakes exams is even more scarce and only available to the highest socioeconomic status groups.

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This article was originally published on Wise Qatar Foundation