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Resident Faculty Member Prof. Yi-Ren Wang Receives the 2022 S. Rains Wallace Dissertation Award

Prof. Yi-Ren Wang, Assistant Professor of Organizational Behavior in ASB, recently received the 2022 S. Rains Wallace Dissertation Award, selected by the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology’s (SIOP) Awards Committee.

In her dissertation – Precariousness, Anticipatory Justice, and Belief in Delayed Pay-Off Affect Workers’ Intertemporal Choice Orientation: Implications on Socioeconomic Mobility, Yi-Ren explored some of the psychological barriers that hinder upward mobility among workers who lack job stability.

Compared to workers in more secure work arrangements, workers in these situations are less likely to believe their efforts will be rewarded in the future and, as a result, tend to show less personal initiative, tend to hold lower career aspirations, and engage in less self-development.

By understanding these psychological factors, organizations can work to create a more equitable work environment, and as a society, we can become more understanding and inclusive instead of dubbing those less fortunate as “lazy”.

The SIOP gives this award to the person who completes the best doctoral dissertation research germane to the field of I-O psychology. The winning dissertation research demonstrates the use of research methods that are both rigorous and creative.

ASB congratulates Prof. Yi-Ren for her extraordinary achievement and contributions to the field!
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