Nungsari, M., Ngu, K., Chin, J. W., & Flanders, S. (2021). The formation of youth entrepreneurial intention in an emerging economy: The interaction between psychological traits and socioeconomic factors. Journal of Entrepreneurship in Emerging Economies.

Nungsari, M., Ngu, K., Chin, J. W., & Flanders, S.
Series Type: Research Paper
Discipline: Economics
Youth entrepreneurship has been identified as a key driver in overcoming the economic crisis spurred by youth unemployment. However, the understanding of youth entrepreneurship is largely based on research in high-income countries. Furthermore, entrepreneurship studies to date are largely limited to the independent effects of individual traits on entrepreneurial intention (EI). Hence, this study aims to model the cognitive and social conditions, mediating processes and interactions to understand how youth EI can be formed and strengthened in an emerging economy.