Corporate Partnership

The Asia School of Business is built upon strong partnerships and collaborations with corporations and organizations. Through partnerships and collaborations, we take on business challenges and turbo-charge the ecosystem with an innovative approach.

Why Partner with us?

Our innovative approach in partnerships is mission driven and creates business value and positive societal impact. With access to some of the best talents in Asia and top faculty from Asia School of Business and MIT Sloan, we are in the best position to be your trusted knowledge partner for the region and the emerging markets.

There are numerous avenues for you and your organization to join us on our journey. Whether it’s sponsoring a research or a student to leaving a legacy with our new building, there is always something for everyone.

Start your contribution by investing in Asia School of Business. Your generosity will enable us to bring more of the world’s most talented minds to our campus and program in Kuala Lumpur.

  • Contribute scholarship(s) for deserving student(s)
  • Sponsor your employee(s) student(s)
  • Hire the best and brightest from the MBA class
Executive Education
  • Attend the MIT Faculty Insights Series
  • Engage ASB in custom executive programs
Research Opportunities
  • Host research projects
  • Be the subject of an ASB case study
  • Engage faculty and students in challenging projects
  • Sponsor chaired professor or research centre
Action Learning
  • Host an individual or group student Action Learning project
  • Become a mentor for Action Learning projects
Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center
  • Bring the ASB 48-Hour Makerfest to your company
  • Attend a week-long ASB Innovation Bootcamp
Speaking Engagements
  • Host an international, world-class speaker
  • Network with the business and academic community
  • Speak at student events

New Campus Naming Opportunity

The Asia School of Business new campus is a campus that is designed to be a new “heart” for academic and social exchange. The design of the new campus gathers inspiration from local Malaysian influences to create a unique identity for the school, whereas the already lush natural surroundings are utilized to create an environmentally sustainable campus. Construction is currently underway and the campus is scheduled to be completed by 2020.

Your gift for the new campus will help us realize the environment our students need to energize the best minds, improving their learning outcomes and performance.

Academic Spaces
  • Auditorium
  • Makerspace Demo Lab
  • Atrium
  • Library
  • Dining Pavillion
  • Fitness Centre
  • Behavioral Research Laboratory
  • Student Lounge
  • Career Center
  • Classrooms : 75 Persons
  • Classrooms: 65 Persons
  • Classrooms: 40 Persons
  • Student Project Spaces
  • Student Space: 20 Persons
  • Student Space: 10 Persons
  • Student Space: 6 Persons
Residential Spaces
  • Residence Center for Executive Education
  • West Residential Center
  • East Residential Center
  • North Residential Center
  • Residential Activity Center
  • Residential Courtyard / Main Quad
Academic Opportunities and Research Centers
  • Chaired Professorships
  • Career Development Chair
  • Deanship
  • Endowed Scholarships
  • Centers
    • Center for Action Learning Research
    • Center for ASEAN Case Development
    • Aviation Research Center
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