Identifying and acquiring global talent in today’s rapidly changing world has never been more challenging. There is a need for highly qualified, adaptable and industry-ready talent in today’s rapidly changing economy. At Asia School of Business, we cultivate world-class talent that are able to make immediate impact.


The Career Development Office plays a pivotal role in bridging businesses with ASB’s world-class students. Our mission is to work with employers, students and alumni to build long-term relationships that satisfy; we engage with employers to identify their unmet talent needs, while helping students and alumni to shape and pursue their goals effectively – ensuring that both parties make that ‘connection!’.

ASB Global Placement

Employers of ASB Students



Lee Lung-Nien

I’ve had the opportunity to interact with ASB students both as an invited guest speaker and as a host for the Summer Associate Program. From these interactions, I found them to be highly motivated with an ability to think outside the box. They were socially integrated within the team and immersed into our work culture with ease. With these traits, they were able to deliver real value to our organization.

Gary Liao

ASB has an entrepreneurial institutional culture that embraces innovation and encourages its students to be intellectually curious and to challenge the conventional wisdom of the day. Ultimately, I do believe that the skills, connections, and experiences that I take away from ASB will best prepare me for the rapidly changing and increasingly interconnected world of tomorrow.

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