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MIT Sloan Welcomes Inaugural Class of Central Bankers to MIT Campus


Press Release by MIT Sloan School Of Management – 9 November 2021 

CAMBRIDGE, Mass., Nov. 9, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — MIT Sloan School of Management has welcomed to its campus the inaugural class of the Asia School of Business (ASB) Master of Central Banking (MCB) program. The MCB class, consisting of central bankers from across the globe, will engage in six weeks of courses at MIT as part of a 12-month intensive ASB degree program developed in collaboration with MIT Sloan and global veterans in central banking and management education.

Central banks are carrying out their mandates in a world of fast-changing financial systems and technological transformation. The MCB program builds on the formidable intellectual resources of MIT – a major source of the innovations that are reshaping the central banking environment – to equip participants with the analytical tools and insights of experience required to tackle future challenges.

“Our understanding of how to extract maximal information from financial markets has increased dramatically. The MCB program provides the necessary tools and knowledge so that central bank leaders can access and use this information most effectively,” said Prof. Robert Merton, Nobel Laureate in Economics and co-Chair of the MCB program Advisory Council.

“We are delighted to welcome the inaugural class of the ASB Master of Central Banking students to MIT,” said David Schmittlein, the John C Head III Dean of the MIT Sloan School of Management. “The new central banking program jointly developed by ASB and MIT further strengthens the successful 6-year cooperation between our two institutions.

This visit is an exciting opportunity for the ASB students to explore the MIT Sloan educational ecosystem, which has a long legacy of training leading finance and central banking professionals.”

“The MCB program is designed to enhance the practice of central banking, convening talented central bankers from across the globe to develop and refine skills, build professional networks, further their intellectual enrichment, and instill confidence for navigating rapidly evolving and highly challenging environments,” said Eric So, MIT Sloan Faculty Director for the MCB program and Distinguished Professor of Management.

“In a rapidly changing and highly-challenging environment, the demands on central banks are immense. Central bankers therefore need the capabilities to deliver the best possible policies and outcomes. Our program aims to contribute to building such capabilities,” said Dr. Zeti Aziz, co-Chair of ASB’s Board and the former Governor of Bank Negara Malaysia.

Charles Fine, President and Dean of ASB, also emphasized ASB’s “strategic location and proximity to some of the world’s fastest-growing economies, which enable the program to have ready access to research opportunities and case studies relevant to Asia and the emerging economies.”

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