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Power and Money: Is Malaysia Still Banking on Coal?


For the energy sector, a decarbonization strategy will take a “carrot and stick” approach by governments, according to Prof. Renato Lima-de-Oliveira, Assistant Professor at ASB and an expert on energy and environmental politics, which some countries have already adopted.

In a recent Malaysiakini article, he said: “You have policies to promote renewables, such as net metering, feed-in tariffs, large scale solar options, tax credit subsidies and you also have policies to discourage fossil fuels.”

He notes that we shouldn’t discount the role each of us play within society either: “A key thing within the political economy of any transition has been societal pressure. If you see where these policies have been adopted most, you will see a lot of activity coming from NGOs and from green parties, pushing society in one direction.”

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This article was originally published on Malaysiakini.