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An engineer by training and a successful former manager in the aerospace and aviation defense industry, Jatin Sehgal has worked with industry giants including Reliance Defence and Engineering Ltd. Recently, as part of his recent Action Learning trek, he fulfilled a dream to work with a company he has always admired: Boeing. Jatin is a hard-working and good-natured New Delhi native whose plans after his MBA are to further his newfound passions in corporate finance and investment banking.

We caught up with Jatin from MBA Class of 2018 recently for a quick Q&A about his experiences at ASB.

Tell us about your career background and what you were doing before ASB.

I was an engineer by training. After graduating, I chose to pursue a career in Business Development in the Defense Aerospace Infrastructure Development industry. I have worked across the private sector on Joint Venture (JV) projects as well as with government departments to sign Memorandum of Understanding (MoUs).

Why choose ASB?

ASB provides you a platform that blends the west’s education with east’s application. This is a must-have for today’s globalized corporate world. To complement the blend of east and west, ASB also blends rigorous classroom theory with practical onsite action learning projects where we apply what we learn. In short, it prepares battle-ready soldiers for the corporate world.

What has been the highlight of the MBA 3.0 curriculum?

Every day has been challenging, every class has been interesting, and every professor has taught me new concepts. It’s difficult to pick a single highlight – but it’s the full package combined that makes this experience so worthwhile!

What has been the highlight of Action Learning?

Going through more half of the project and then realizing that the initial project scope was incorrect, modifying it and completing the project well in time with client’s complete satisfaction. In short: fail, forward, excel!

How have you changed as a person since joining the course?

On a personal level I have become more independent, more curious, more open, and more of a risk taker than I was before.

How have you balanced your personal life and a hectic full-time program?

I have a saying when it comes to ASB: “At ASB you can have only two out of three: studies, friends or sleep.” Well, I love my friends and hate to compromise on my academics. Not to worry, though; one gets enough long weekends in Malaysia to catch up on sleep and ensure one’s well-being.

Who should apply to ASB in future rounds of applications?

If you have passion to be a leader in the Asian ecosystem, the drive to lead, take calculated risks and make an impact, then you are the perfect fit for ASB.