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Eye of Dubai: HealthTech Training Center LLC Signs MOU with the Prestigious Asia School of Business

HealthTech Training Center a subsidiary of Response Plus Holding PJSC, one of the leading healthcare service providers in the United Arab Emirates, has signed an MOU with the Asia School of Business (ASB) established in collaboration with MIT Sloan School of Management and Bank Negara Malaysia. This collaboration is an important step for the healthcare industry, as, for the first time, it will allow the exchange of knowledge and expertise between two highly prestigious institutions.

The official signing ceremony of the MOU held at the RPM HQ, and Major Tom Louis, CEO of Response Plus Holding PJSC, and Professor Charles H Fine, the founding President, CEO, and Dean of ASB, exchanging signatures and documents. The MOU aims to create a collaboration between the two entities for the exchange of knowledge and expertise, in an effort to enhance the healthcare industry, and beyond.

The agreement defines the scope and obligations for both parties, which will include maintaining a dialogue with each other to facilitate the implementation of the MOU, conduct monthly work group meetings, and collaborate on organizing conferences and events to fulfil the larger objectives of both parties. This MOU is highly significant because this is the first collaboration of its kind for ASB with a Middle East-based entity.

Major Tom Louis, CEO of Response Plus Holding, said, “With this MOU, RPM is strengthening its position as a global player, and showing the world that we will go above and beyond to enhance and improve the industry in which we operate.”

“The Asia School of Business is honoured to partner with HealthTech and the RPM group to share our knowledge and insights on professional talent development with regards to the Asian Business context. This partnership is the first we have in the region, and we are hopeful that it will grow to become one of high value for all involved”, said Professor Charles Fine.

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This article was originally published on Eye of Dubai