Kevin Crow

Assistant Professor of International Law and Ethics, Asia School of Business

International Faculty Fellow at MIT Sloan

Area of Expertise:

Public international law, legal theory, corporate subjectivity to international law, ICL, IEL, CSR, business and human rights

Kevin Crow is Assistant Professor of International Law and Ethics at ASB and an International Faculty Fellow at MIT. His research focuses on corporate subjectivity to international law, how understandings of economic and institutional morality affect international adjudication, and the private sector’s role in authoring public international law. Prior to joining ASB, Kevin taught international economic law and US constitutional law at the University of Halle-Wittenberg Law School in Germany and practiced international criminal law with NGOs based in Cambodia and France. Alongside his work with ASB, Kevin is an affiliated researcher with Columbia University’s Freedom of Expression Initiative and he occasionally consults NGOs and businesses on projects concerning CSR and international economic law. He is licensed to practice law in the State of California.

Journal Articles

  • The Opacity of Proportionality in International Courts: Could Categories Clarify?, 52 George Washington International Law Review (forthcoming, 2019).
  • International Law and Corporate Participation in Times of Armed Conflict: Financial Liability Through ISDS?, 37 Berkeley Journal of International Law 64 (2019).
  • International Corporate Obligations, Human Rights, and the Urbaser Standard: Breaking New Ground? (with Lina Lorenzoni Escobar), 36 Boston University International Law Journal 87 (2018).
  • The Concept of ‘Development’ in International Economic Law: Three Definitions and an Inquiry Into Origin, 14 Manchester Journal of International Economic Law 148 (2017).
  • The Merits or the Messenger?: Complementarity and the Referral Process in the ICC’s Application of Article 17 of the Rome Statute, 26 Journal of Transnational Law & Policy 53 (2017).
  • The Emerging Neoliberal Penality: Rethinking Foucauldian Punishment in a Profit-Driven Carceral System, 52 Criminal Law Bulletin 1 (2016).
  • Does UNDRIP Matter?, 13 Hibernian Law Review 119 (2014).
  • Should ‘Terrorism’ Include States?, 1 LSE Forum Journal 245 (2013).



  • International Corporate Personhood: New Trajectories in Law (anticipated in late 2020, under contract with Routledge).

Book Chapters


  • International Law as Evangelism, in Benjamin Porat & David Flatto (eds.), ‘Law as Religion, Religion as Law’ (forthcoming, Cambridge 2021).
  • Bandung’s Fate, in Ingo Venzke & Kevin Jon Heller (eds.), ‘Contingency and the Course of International Law’ (forthcoming, Oxford 2020).
  • Corporations and Crimes Against Humanity, European Yearbook of International Law, Special Issue on International Investment Law and the Law of Armed Conflict (Springer 2019).
  • DSB Supervision of Implementation at the WTO (with Prof. Dr. Christian Tietje), Max Planck EiPro Encyclopedia of International Law (Oxford 2019).
  • The Reform of Investment Protection Rules in CETA, TTIP, and Other Recent EU-FTAs: Convincing? (with Prof. Dr. Christian Tietje), in Stefan Griller, Walter Obwexer & Erich Vranes (eds.), Mega-Regional Agreements: TTIP, CETA, TiSA: New Orientations for EU External Economic Relations (Oxford 2017).

Textbook Commentaries


  • Commentary on Prosecutor v. Duch (ECCC), André Klip & Steven Freeland (eds.), Annotated Leading Cases of International Criminal Tribunals (“ALC”), Vol. LX (forthcoming, Intersentia 2021).
  • The Scope of the ICC Registrar’s Powers Under Regulation 135, André Klip & Steven Freeland (eds.), ALC Vol. LVII (Intersentia 2019).
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  • Anthea Roberts, Is International Law International?, 21 Journal of International Economic Law 739 (2018).
  • Diane Desierto, Public Policy in International Economic Law: The ICESCR in Trade, Finance, and Investment, 21 Journal of International Economic Law 1 (2018).
  • Iryna Marchuk, The Fundamental Concept of Crime in International Criminal Law, 15 Journal of International Criminal Justice 2 (2017).

None published yet, but stay tuned!

Working Papers

  • A Taxonomy of Proportionality in International Courts, iCourts Working Paper Series No. 107 (November 2017).
  • The Urbaser Standard: Breaking New Ground? (with Lina Lorenzoni-Escobar), Beiträge Transnationalen Wirtschaftsrecht, Heft 144 (2017).
  • A Chapter-by-Chapter Analysis of the Trans-Pacific Partnership, ASB Working Paper (February 2016).

Policy Papers


  • ‘Trumpism’, the TPP, and the Politics of Uncertainty, Policy Papers on Transnational Economic Law No. 46, Transnational Economic Law Research Centre (TELC) (Feb. 2017).
  • The TPP and Malaysia: Local Impact and Implications Following the Conclusion of the Partnership Negotiations, Pol’y Papers on Transnat’l Econ. L. No. 44, TELC (Oct. 2015).
  • The TPA in 2015: A Quick Look at the Latest Incarnation of the U.S. President’s ‘Fast Track’ Trade Negotiation Authority, Pol’y Papers on Transnat’l Econ. L. No. 43, TELC (June 2015).

Opinion Pieces


  • The Use of ‘Human Rights’ and ‘Development’ by Evangelical Organizations, OpenDemocracy (June 2018).
  • Trump’s Travel Ban v. Macron’s Police Power Reforms, Social Europe (June 2017).
  • Four Key Features of the Emerging ‘Trumpism’, Social Europe (April 2017).