Dr. Shardul Phadnis

Associate Professor and Director of Research at MISI

Dr. Phadnis examines the design and adaptation of business models from the supply chain perspective. His research falls in the area of strategic decision making and long-range planning, and contributes to the scholarly domains of managerial cognition, dynamic capabilities, scenario planning, and supply chain strategy. Some recent applications of his research include a long-range planning process for the U.S. freight transportation infrastructure, scenarios for formulating supply chain strategies for global convenience store and chemical firms, and a system for monitoring business environment and guiding adaptation of supply chain strategy of a global beverage firm.

Dr. Phadnis holds a Ph.D. in Engineering Systems from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). Before starting his doctoral studies, Dr. Phadnis worked in the manufacturing industry for seven years. He developed and led the Lean/Continuous Improvement program at a design-to-manufacture firm, and applied ideas from Lean Manufacturing and Theory of Constraints to make operational improvements in numerous projects.