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A trifecta of factors is deeply affecting where and how we work and our views on work itself: 1) the Covid trauma, 2) the acceleration of digital transformation, and 3) shifting personal priorities of employees.

While a “me-and-the office” reframing is occurring among employees of all ages, it is particularly pronounced among Gen Y and Z – the very employees on whom we will be counting to lead our companies in the future.

For companies, the above is of enormous significance. How will we be able to manage and motivate people when the very notion of the “workplace” continues to mutate? What adaptations to “performance management” will be required? Will how we pay and incentivize people also need revision? And how will the HR function and HR professionals need to adapt to remain effective in this context?

This interactive program will tackle the above and other critical issues companies are facing as they “futureproof” for managing talent. This includes looking also at topics such as employee wellbeing, psychological safety and the expectations arising out of the sustainability movement (ESG).

For example, how will a company redefine its “employer brand” as ESG factors take on more weight? And, in terms of talent, how will Asian and other companies respond to the call for more inclusive and diverse workplaces (D&I)? What about DEI? Beyond recruitment practices, what else may require new approaches?

Who should attend?

  • HR, Reward and Compensation, talent management and other such managers
  • Board members, CEOs, and others who supervise the above professionals
  • Those interested in the multiple dimensions of managing a workplace and its people in the post-Covid period and beyond.

For every 2 pax who register from the same organization, there will be a 40% discount for the second participant i.e. fee will be RM1,500.
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Gabe Shawn Varges is Senior Partner at HCM International and Chairman of the GECN Group, Switzerland. He is also an adjunct faculty at the Iclif Executive Education Center under the Asia School of Business.

Mr. Varges has extensive international experience as an executive, regulator, academic and advisor. He works with companies and authorities around the world on the interconnection of strategy, corporate governance, board effectiveness, leadership, culture, ethics, compliance, ESG, performance management, compensation and regulation. This includes matters affecting the workplace and the managing of talent.

The Future Managing of the Workplace and People

February 27

9.00am – 5.00pm


Program Fee

RM 2,500

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