Asia School of Business

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ASB’s Core Values


Uphold high levels of personal and professional values in all our business interactions and decisions.

Respect and Responsibility

Respect for the individuals we interact with and the environment that we operate in (internally and externally) and committing to being responsible in all our words and actions.

Enterprise and Collaborative

Seek and seize opportunities with speed and agility and yet inclusive.


Stretch the horizons of growth for ourselves and our business through our unwavering ambition to achieve outstanding personal and business results.

ASB’s Business Principles

ASB’s foundation is built on our Core Values, which guide our actions and the way we conduct our business. This is applied in our Business Principles:

Health, Safety and Environment
Health and safety are important to the well-being of our Employees and the communities where we operate. We ensure our business operations are sustainable, by proactively addressing environmental challenges and respecting fundamental human rights, without sacrificing long-term economic value creation.

Complying with all laws and regulations in the countries that we operate.

Fair Business Practices

Ensuring that we promote fair business practices.

Guarding Against Bribery And Corruption

ASB takes a zero-tolerance approach towards bribery and corruption, and is committed to behaving professionally, fairly and with integrity in all our business dealings and relationships wherever ASB operates and implementing and enforcing effective systems to prevent bribery and corruption.

As such, Employees, Counterparties and Business Partners are strictly prohibited from offering, accepting, soliciting or giving any form of bribes or inducements.

ASB employees, Clients and its Business Partners are not allowed to directly or indirectly promise, offer, grant, solicit or authorise the giving of money or anything else of value, to government officials, officers of private enterprises and their connected persons to obtain or retain a business or an advantage in the conduct of business.

No Gift Policy

ASB is committed to maintain the highest standards of integrity and good governance. In line with ASB’s Employee Handbook, ASB employees are not permitted to receive gifts and other benefits from our vendors, agents and business partners. This includes festivity gifts which are customarily exchanged during festive seasons. We thank you in advance for your cooperation to assist us to comply with our no gift policy and look forward to your continued support.

ASB’S Whistleblowing Policy

ASB encourages disclosure of any form of improper misconduct, where matters raised will be reported to ASB’s Chairman of the Audit Committee for further action. To access ASB’s Whistleblower Policy, please click here. To lodge a report, please email

ASB’S Code Of Business Conduct

To access ASB’s Code of Business Conduct, please click here.

ASB’S Privacy Notice

To access ASB’s Privacy Notice, please click here.