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Asia School of Business Returns for Spring Immersion Program at MIT Sloan


Asia School of Business (ASB) returns to Cambridge with its second batch of MBA students for the four week-long Spring Immersion Program at MIT Sloan School of Management as part of the highlight of their six week US Trek program. The US Trek kicked off with 2 weeks of industry visits in San Francisco and New York before students headed over to Boston this week. The class of MBA 2019 visited some of the biggest names in the Silicon Valley such as Google, Facebook and Ideo and interacted with the vibrant business scene in New York as part of their program.

Commenting on the US trek so far, Abzal Raimkhanov, ASB MBA ’19, from Kazakhstan, says: “After visiting 3 major cities in the U.S, I can say that it has been an amazing experience. Ecosystems of education and businesses in both Silicon Valley and Cambridge stimulates innovation. This environment is designed to encourage all stakeholders to make the world a better place.” “As part of our desire to create a world-class school of management in Southeast Asia, it is important to bring our students back to the roots of which the school is built upon.

MIT Sloan’s acclaimed DNA of providing an outstanding education with a focus on entrepreneurship and innovation forms the bedrock of ASB’s unique value proposition,” said Charles Fine, founding President and Dean of ASB. ASB is a new global graduate business school in Kuala Lumpur, established by the Central Bank of Malaysia in collaboration with MIT Sloan School of Management in 2015. The school ASB is committed to develop transformative and principled leaders who will contribute towards advancing the emerging world through its extraordinary and unconventional program that has a strong emphasis on Action Learning in its curriculum, which is inspired by the ‘Mens et manus’, mind and hand.

Throughout the 20-months, the students are exposed to five Action Learning projects spanning across a diverse set of roles, industries and geographical locations. To date, the MBA 2019 students have worked with companies such as Esquel, BigC, Johnson & Johnson, Bangkok Bank, General Electric, Astro, Equatorial and Nestle, exposing the students to the rigor of MIT Sloan with hands on experiences in the emerging and rapidly dynamic business scene in Asia.

The MBA class of 2019 is comprised of 35 students from the U.S., Malaysia, Russia, Mexico, Zimbabwe, Taiwan, Brazil, Nigeria, Kazakhstan, Venezuela, Nigeria, India, Pakistan, Ghana, Turkmenistan, Denmark and Peru. “I have witnessed first-hand the power of immersing our students into Action Learning projects, where they are trained how to apply practice-oriented approach and management theories when solving real-life business problems,” adds Loredana Padurean, the Associate Dean of ASB.

As part of the four-week residential program at MIT Sloan, students will be attending lectures on, among others, System Dynamics, Pricing Strategy, Entrepreneurship, Negotiations and Sustainability taught by the Sloan faculty. “It’s interesting to see our case studies come to life in class,” says Marie Reine Seshie, from the class of ASB MBA 19’, who is from Ghana. “For most of our case studies, we have someone who can give us real life accounts from all over the world. The diversity of opinions, thoughts and questions are phenomenal.”

Natalia Tord, ASB MBA ’19, from Peru, adds: “I am grateful that ASB has given us the unique opportunity to see how industries operate in two of the most powerful cities in the world and understand them better. It has definitely been an unforgettable experience so far!” The arrival of the second cohort of ASB students in Cambridge is a testimony of the successful collaboration between Asia School of Business and MIT Sloan. This collaboration aims to enhance MIT Sloan’s presence in Asia and advance ASB’s mission to be pioneers of business innovation and entrepreneurship in this region.


About Asia School of Business

Asia School of Business (ASB0 was established in 2015 by Bank Negara Malaysia in collaboration with MIT Sloan Management to be a premier global business school, a knowledge and learning hub infused with regional expertise, insights and perspectives of Asia and the emerging economies. ASB is committed to develop transformative and principled leaders who will contribute towards advancing the emerging world.

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