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Clubs at ASB are the focal point for activities related to culture, careers, sports & social projects centered around shared interests. Led by students and supported by the School, club activities range from sporting events to unite the community, and seminars with industry experts to advance your career, to cultural immersions celebrating the diversity of the student body.

Data Analytics Club

The ASB Data Analytics Club hopes to provide an integrated platform for students to hone their skills in Big Data, Data Science and Analytics, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.
The club will work towards enhancing business intelligence skills and focus on the current trends in the industry. We will also connect with Industry experts, to help students with internships and placements.

Planned Activities:

  1. Professional Speaker Sessions – Tech Talks
  2. Datacamp and Student Speaker Sessions
  3. Annual Data Science Event – ‘Datathon’

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Community Service Club

The ASB Community Service Club recognises and responds to the commitment we have as a school to not only improve our futures but also to positively impact the lives of others. We empower students to make a difference in areas that are important to them and provide a solid platform for volunteering activities and other less hands-on but collaborative efforts.

Below is a glimpse of some of our activities:

  1. Fundraisers and auctions in support of the 2018 Sulawesi earthquake and tsunami
  2. Soup kitchen volunteering with local NGOs
  3. Environment sustainability related efforts
  4. Periodic newsletter covering updates and impact measurement

Even if you don’t join as a formal member you’re all welcome to join any of our events and outings!

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Consulting Club

The ASB Consulting Club is a student-run organization dedicated to equipping our fellow students with the skills and competencies required for a career in consulting. In essence, the club aims to:

  1. Organise consulting related events with the Career Development Office
  2. Organise case prep with students
  3. Disseminate institutional knowledge regarding consulting firms and career opportunities for students

Previous events include showCASE, a mock case interview live demo, where members of the club were able to observe the entire process firsthand and clarify the frameworks typically used in case interviews.

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Finance Club

The ASB Finance Club is driven by two primary goals:

  1. Spreading awareness about Finance via talks, meetings, articles and white papers.
  2. Helping connect club members to eminent personalities in the finance industry, to build strong networks.

The students will be able to:

  1. Remove the fear of finance from their minds
  2. Enhance their knowledge base
  3. Make relevant connections with members of the finance industry
  4. Share their input on the finance curriculum provided at ASB

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Public Speaking Club

The Public Speaking Club creates a space that empowers members of the ASB community to develop their confidence when speaking in front of large groups. We connect members of the ASB community with a network and provide resources for continuous development.

Planned activities include:

  1. Student-lead workshops
  2. Networking events with various Toastmasters clubs
  3. ASB Speech Contest

Previous activities:

  1. Monthly round tables to practice elevator pitches and Action Learning presentations.
  2. Interactive public speaking workshop with a certified motivational speaker, Michael Teoh of Thriving Talent, on how to boost confidence when speaking in public, using our body to raise our energy and crucial components of a speech using the Result, Purpose, Massive Action framework.

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Sports Club

The ASB Sports Club aims to promote recreational and sporting activities, and foster a culture of camaraderie, inclusiveness and competitiveness among the wider ASB community.

Students will be able to:

  1. Enhance their physical and mental wellbeing
  2. Pick up a new hobby or sport
  3. Benefit from networking opportunities with external participants, outside of a traditional corporate setting

Planned activities include:

  1. Flagship event: Annual Futsal Tournament
  2. Social sports sessions for badminton, football, basketball and more

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Women’s Association Leadership

ASBW aims to provide a network of support for ASB students throughout their academic and professional careers.

Our activities benefit current and future ASB students by providing specific networking opportunities for women, speaker sessions, sensitivity trainings and foster community dialogue. In the long-run, the vision is to create a network of women that include both self-selected alumni and current students to create powerful mentoring relationships.


  1. Additional networking opportunities for career development
  2. Engaging with women in senior leadership positions through speaker and mentorship sessions
  3. Provide support in recruiting top level international female talent into the MBA program

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