Kristina Rai

Chief Operating Officer
Kristina is the Chief Operating Officer for ASB. She oversees the administration, planning, governance and implementation of ASB’s campus operations and services, human resources and talent management, finance, IT, legal and corporate secretarial services, Office of the Registrar, internal quality assurance, leadership corporate office, coaching/counselling, admissions, corporate development, career development office, marketing, sales, and development and advancement for ASB’s community of students and staff.

Kristina has 30 years’ experience in the Central Bank of Malaysia (Bank Negara Malaysia) where she has led and managed diverse groups of teams in the areas of human resource development, corporate planning, international relations policy and cooperation, and financial services negotiations for Malaysia’s free trade agreements.

Kristina was awarded full scholarships from Bank Negara Malaysia for her BA in economics from the University of Malaya, Malaysia and MA in Economics & Social Studies from the University of Manchester, UK. She is a Certified Professional in Learning Performance (CPLP) from the Association of Talent Development, USA.