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Shinichiro Nakamura

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Singapore and Japan
President, one to ONE Holdings Pte. Ltd.


Mr. Shinichiro (SHIN) Nakamura is the President of one to ONE Holdings Pte. Ltd. (o2Oh), the holding company for Daiwa Steel Tube Industries Co. Ltd in Japan, Daiwa Lance International Co. Ltd in Vietnam, Superior Technologies in California, and partner company of IndustrialML in Florida.

Daiwa Steel Tube Industries Co. Ltd. (DSTI) is a manufacturing company specializing in galvanized steel tubes for a wide range of industrial applications. Mr. Nakamura is the third-generation leader of the company, founded by his grandfather, Mr. Tomeichi Nakamura. Since 1970, with the management of technological innovation and leadership of Mr. Matsuichi Nakamura, Mr. Nakamura’s father and holder of four foundational patents in the galvanization industry, the “Daiwa Z Process” became a world leading in-line galvanizing steel tube manufacturing method. Mr. Shin Nakamura joined DSTI in 1995 and became the President in 2003.

Under Mr. Nakamura’s leadership, DSTI underwent significant transformation, which included the redevelopment of its business infrastructure, implementation of new business strategies, and the restructuring of its enterprise system using state-of-the-art ICT as well as human resource management, leadership and communication techniques. This transformation enabled DSTI to expand its global footprint through the holding company o2Oh, by investing and leading the affiliated companies such as Daiwa Lance International (DLI), one of the most innovative and technologically advanced calorized lance tube manufacturing companies based in Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam and supplier of products to over 250 customers in over 50 countries; Daiwa Anaya Steel in Kolkata, India to promote its products in India; Superior Technologies (STI) in California focusing on forefront in-line galvanizing technologies; and IndustrialML in Florida pioneering cloud-based Smart Factory Solutions and industrial internet-of-things.

Before joining Daiwa, Mr. Nakamura worked as a consultant for Bain & Company, a leading global strategy consulting firm; and as an engagement manager and strategist for Netyear Group Corporation, a Strategic Internet Professional Service (SIPS) provider for various industries.

Apart from his professional responsibilities, Mr. Nakamura is an active member of the YPO, the world’s largest leadership community of chief executives, for over 17 years and the former president of the MIT Sloan Society of Japan. He received the Harold E. Lobdell ’17 Distinguished Service Award from MIT in 2015.

Mr. Nakamura is fluent in both English and Japanese, and holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics from Keio University of Japan (1994) and an MBA from the MIT Sloan School of Management (1999).