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Mukhtar Hussain

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Former HSBC Group General Manager and Regional Head of Belt & Road Initiative for HSBC Asia Pacific


Mukhtar Hussain retired from an executive career HSBC spanning 39 years. He retired as a Group General Manager in Hong Kong with responsibilities for the Belt and Road Initiative and Business Corridors. His career spanned three continents Europe, Middle East and Asia. He served in multiple senior executive positions running investment , wholesale and retail banking businesses building a track record of growth and market leadership.

He has served as a Country CEO. Regional CEO and Global Head of various strategic initiatives for HSBC Group dealing with multiple stakeholders including Governments, Regulators, National Bodies. Mukhtar most recent Board position has been as Chairman of HSBC Singapore from which he retired and he is currently serving on the Board of HSBC Malaysia.

Previous Board positions have included Deputy Chairman of HSBC Middle East and serving on the Board of Saudi British Bank and HSBC Saudi Arabia . Whilst in London Mukhtar served as the Global Head of HSBC Principal Investments unit in London. Mukhtar is a graduate of University of Wales with a Bachelor of Science in Economics and became a Chartered Banker in 2015 at the Asian Institute of Chartered Bankers.