About Asia School of Business


Challenge conventional thinking and create change beyond business. With Poets&Quants calling us the most innovative MBA program in the world today, Asia School of Business provides the tools to empower minds for a broader perspective through the collaboration between Bank Negara and MIT Sloan School of Management, the global experts in business.


The vision of ASB is to be a global knowledge and learning center infused with regional expertise, insights and perspectives of Asian and emerging economies.


The mission of ASB is to become a premier school of management in Asia, recognized for its ability to develop transformative and principled leaders who will contribute to a better future and to the advancement of the emerging world.

Our People

Transformative and principled. The people of ASB embody and embrace the mission of the School. Though culturally diverse, we share the vision to build a global knowledge and learning center. The people of ASB are a community of curious, adaptive and collaborative go-getters driven to contribute to a better future and to advance the emerging world.

The MIT Sloan Connection

April 9, 2015 marked the birth of Asia School of Business, with the collaboration between Bank Negara Malaysia and MIT Sloan School of Management. ASB was founded in response to the need for highly-qualified, industry ready talents to fill the needs of the exponential growth and opportunities of Asia. Integrating the MIT DNA by bringing theory and practice together, the curriculum at Asia School of Business is taught by MIT Sloan School of Management’s world renowned faculty and ASB’s residential faculty. The same rigorous core curriculum that is delivered in Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA is taught at ASB. Get a global perspective from internationally renowned experts, with classes taught both in Kuala Lumpur and Cambridge, Massachusetts (USA), complemented with Action Learning projects across Asia.

Asia School of Business Campus

Students learn in top-notch facilities provided by Bank Negara Malaysia, getting more than a learning experience. The campus sits on the grounds of Bank Negara Malaysia’s most modern and well-equipped knowledge and learning center, Sasana Kijang. A new modern and well equipped campus that hosts both learning and residential facilities is currently under construction.

About Asia School of Business
Academic Building

In the main building, natural light seeps through openings of the ceiling, providing a comfortable glow. A curved wing-like roof structure floats above the five-story atrium. The walkways between classrooms and faculty spaces on every floor have intermittent breaks that represent open spheres of collaboration and interaction.

About Asia School of Business
Exterior Design

The exterior design includes a combination of patterned metal and glass panels that are formed to create a texture referencing the woven patterns of the Malaysian songket. The symbolic songket, unique to Malaysia, represents the collaborative mesh of vibrant cultures that make up Malaysia.

About Asia School of Business
Residential Building

The internal design of the residential quads is influenced and inspired by our kampung (village) homes. The sense of openness introduced within the communal domains encourages an exchange of ideas while a natural vibe inspires relaxation throughout the quads.