Webinar: Digital Platforms and The New World

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It is becoming clearer that there may be no quick solution to end the Covid-19 pandemic. To survive, stabilize and re-grow, individuals and organizations must transform how they have strategized and operated, i.e. adapt to a new normal. One way forward is to become even more collaborative, more creative, and cleverer in leveraging existing resources.

This webinar instalment focuses on platform strategy. What is a platform and how is it different from a traditional business value chain? How do platforms create value by connecting and solving critical operation bottlenecks? Most importantly, in context of Covid-19, how are the different platforms contributing to our collaborative efforts to emerge from this pandemic? How might the model even be an opportunity going forward after the storm has passed?

Join our ASB faculty Professor Melati Nungsari and her guest speakers, Chen Chow Yeoh, Co-Founder of Fave Group and Khaw Kang Khai, First Vice President from China Construction Bank, in a transformative conversation on the possibilities of platforms. The goal of this webinar is to stimulate ideas and offer a perspective of future opportunities to come post Covid-19.


Online: ZOOM


2:45pm – 3:30pm on Wednesday, 20th May 2020


Khaw Kang Khai
First Vice President,
China Construction Bank

Kang Khai joined CCB Malaysia in August 2017 and is currently the First Vice President of Risk and Compliance Division. He has multifunction experience across credit risk management, marketing and financial analysis. In his current role, Kang Khai is responsible to oversee the overall risk culture in the bank, working across risk and compliance disciplines. Kang Khai has a master’s degree in business and a bachelor’s degree in finance.

Chen Chow Yeoh
Co-Founder of Fave Group

Yeoh Chen Chow is the co-founder of Fave, next generation merchant digital platform in South East Asia. Fave helps to digitize tens of thousands of local businesses, from restaurants, cafes, retailers, spas, beauty and wellness studios, service providers, tourist attractions to hotels. Chen Chow is also the co-founder of KFit, regional fitness sharing platform in South East Asia. His other professional experiences include the Regional Operations Director for Groupon Asia Pacific, Product Manager for JobStreet.com, and Management Consultant for Accenture. He is an Eisenhower Fellow and an alumnus of Cornell University.


Melati Nungsari
Professor of Economics, ASB
Research Affiliate at MIT

Prof. Melati Nungsari is an applied microeconomist specializing in industrial organization, market design, labor economics, and public economics. Her primary research involves two-sided matching platforms and how firms can use pricing to resolve externalities on the platform. She also studies issues related to the labor market integration of refugees in host countries such as Malaysia, discrimination in the labor market, and retirement markets. Prof. Melati also studies pedagogical innovations in economics and business education. Prior to joining ASB, she taught at Davidson College and Butler University in the U.S. She is originally from Penang, Malaysia