Webinar: A Balancing Act: Supporting your People and your Business

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Covid-19 has triggered a human crisis and a business crisis. Some companies have responded with aggressive layoffs, abandoning many of their vulnerable workers to try to save the core business.

Others have focused on maximizing the well-being of their employees, recognizing that the short-term financial cost of maintaining salaries and benefits will be high in the face of plummeting revenues.

Governments have instituted travel bans and stimulus packages that both support and constrain what business leaders can do.

In particular, the Malaysian government has taken aggressive initial action to both constrain the spread on the Coronavirus and financially support businesses and individuals through this difficult initial period. However, many experts predict that the health crisis and dangers could last a year or more until a vaccine can be developed, tested, and distributed to billions of people around the world. Thus, even the countries with the most aggressive and successful initial responses will have to formulate strategies for today, tomorrow, and the day after tomorrow.

In this session, we will focus on human resources. How do we maintain the health and well-being of the human capital of our organizations and nation, while adapting business models for survival and eventually re-growth.

COVID-19: The Day After Tomorrow dialogue series, developed by the Iclif Executive Education Center at the Asia School of Business will provide insights for business practices in this challenging time, and support policies to help humanity to come together to fight this virus and support one another.


Online: ZOOM


3:00pm – 4:00pm on Wednesday, 8th 2020


Norlida Azmi
Chief People & Culture Officer,
Permodalan Nasional Berhad (PNB)

Norlida Azmi is the Chief People and Culture Officer of PNB where she is leading the Workplace & Organizational Transformation initiatives, in addition to managing the Knowledge Management and Education (Scholarships) units. She has more than 25 years of experience spanning from various disciplines; strategy, human capital management, communication as well as client and risk management. She served at various international and regional financial institutions and corporations including Citibank, Standard Chartered and regional Middle Eastern banks in Singapore, UK, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and UAE.

After more than 18 years abroad she returned to Malaysia in 2014 as the Group Chief Human Capital Officer of UEM Group. She also served as a director on Cement Industries of Malaysia Berhad then. She then moved on to assume the position of Country Head of Human Resources at HSBC Malaysia where she implemented key change programmes driving customer-centricity and agile mindsets, digital and sustainability readiness and total well-being covering physical, mental and financial programmes. She was also one of the EXCO sponsors for the Balance Employee Resource Group driving gender diversity.

She is an advocate for Digital, Inclusion and Diversity as well as Total Well-Being. She is a working committee member of 30% Club Malaysia under the Talent Pipeline Pillar and a mentor in Leadwomen, LeanIn and Young Corporate Malaysians Mentoring Programmes.

Norlida holds an MBA with emphasis on Finance and BSc in Computer Science.

Muhammad Sabri Rawi
Senior Lecturer

Sabri is Senior Lecturer at Asia School of Business. Sabri holds a Master’s Degree in English from Portland State University, USA and obtained his Certificate in Coaching from University of Malaya Centre for Continuing Education. As an accredited coach with the Canadian Coaching Council, Sabri has distinguished himself as a Mastercoach from close to two decades of honing his skills in leadership training in multiple industries which include pharmaceutical, manufacturing, plantation, automotive, oil & gas, FMCG, GLC and the public sector. Sabri’s forte includes Leadership & Learning industry design, development & delivery of leadership training courses.

Sabri has enjoyed an illustrious career with extensive stints in Corporate Communications, Media Relations, Project Management, Human Resource Management which includes Job Evaluation & Manpower Planning, Learning Intervention & Learning Assessment.

A fast track performer, he rapidly catapulted into increasingly challenging & evolutionary roles in his vast career experience. He has spearheaded management excellence through continuous education & mind set change under the portfolio of Leadership Mindset Change. He was instrumental in developing Petronas’ Global Leadership Learning Series, and a myriad of initiatives for the nation’s oil company, which included: Strategic Communications, Media Relations, Project Management and Human Resource Management. Apart from clients in the oil and gas industry, Sabri has also experience working with clients from FMCGs, GLCs and both the finance and public sector.

Sabri is able to quickly contextualize his coaching discussions in a manner that most would find helpful and practical.


Michele Sagan
Head of Coaching and Counseling

Michele has 22 years leadership and management experience in the areas of human capital development, strategic thought, corporate finance, coaching, psychotherapy and education, both the public and private sectors in the UK and Malaysia. Having headed various roles in multinational organizations such as the Iclif Leadership and Governance Centre, UBS, HSBC, and CIMB, Michele brings with her a wealth of international business acumen, allowing her to provide critical insight into leadership and management practices.

Following a career change in 2014, Michele is also a certified psychotherapist, coach as well as EQ practitioner (certified by ICF and 6seconds, the largest EQ organization in the world). As such, Michele has provided leadership development and coaching services for clients ranging from the C-suites to young executives – all of them hailing from a wide range of industries such as Oil and Gas, Construction, Transportation, Finance, Telecommunication and small businesses. She has also practiced as a psychotherapist and counselor, working with patients suffering from depression, PTSD, anxiety, relationship issues, OCD and more. Michele is also member of the Malaysian Association of Psychotherapists.

A certified human capital strategist and instructional designer, she has also trained, facilitated and written on various topics including Managing Change, Emotional Intelligence, Cultural Transformation and Leadership.

Michele has a BSc and a MSc from the London School of Economics, UK. She was also a Malaysian JPA, British High Commission and Citibank scholar winning various academic awards.