Ng, S., Plewa, C., & Sweeney, J. C. (2015, December 14). Customer engagement with a Service Offering: A Framework for Complex Services. Taylor & Francis. 193-210.


Discipline: Marketing


Customer engagement (CE) represents a topic of rapidly increasing interest to academics and practitioners, largely due to its focus on the interactions between the consumer and the brand, which in the context of services represents a key ‘building block’ of service delivery. While CE is often contextual and unique to an individual, existing literature rarely sheds light on actor engagement (Chandler and Lush, 2015) or, more specifically, the engagement with a complex service offering, which is likely to comprise engagement with the service provider, their advice and the service process. This chapter contributes to the engagement literature by addressing the following objectives: (1) to investigate how customers engage with a service offering (CESO), in the context of complex services, and clearly define the individual components of CE under such circumstances; (2) to identify different antecedents driving individual components of CESO in a complex setting; and finally, (3) to identify the outcomes of CESO in complex services.