Nungsari, M., Flanders, S., Chuah, H.Y., Issues Facing Refugees and Asylum-Seekers in Southeast Asia: Narrowing the Gaps Between Theory, Policy and Reality.

Melati Nungsari | ASB Faculty | Research Paper

Discipline: Forced Migration


Practitioners’ experiences and perspectives on social interventions with refugees are underexplored in Southeast Asia. This gap limits the ability to create impactful public policy in the region. In this report, we present findings from an interdisciplinary research workshop held in Kuala Lumpur in 2018. The workshop included 60 individuals from a diverse range of backgrounds – asylum-seekers, refugees, academics, NGO leaders and staffs, representatives from United Nation agencies, and government officials. Using thematic analysis, we extracted some issues considered to be the most pressing for refugees, as well as issues considered important yet understudied. Based on these workshop outcomes, we suggest a research process flowchart to aid researchers and practitioners in maximizing their impact through policy and advocacy, while at the same time partnering with refugee communities to better serve their needs.