Crow, K., & Tietje, C. (2019, September 5). Opil:Max Planck Encyclopedia of international procedural law. Oxford Public International Law.


Discipline: International Law


This entry provides an analysis of the rules governing the supervision of implementation of Dispute Settlement Body (“DSB”) reports based on the World Trade Organization’s (“WTO”) Dispute Settlement Understanding (“DSU”). Specifically, it focuses on the precise functions of the DSB’s implementation surveillance after an Appellate Body (“AB”) or Panel Report has been issued.more

As such, this entry does not analyze procedures developed under Article 21:5 DSU nor procedures developed under Article 22:6 DSU, because those provisions concern interactions with Members prior to implementation and other elements of WTO law. Rather, this entry analyzes the rules and procedures that govern the DSB’s follow-up on whether its reports have been implemented and situations where retaliation measures are implemented.