Research Associate

Key Responsibilities
  • Define research design construct for specific research projects sourced by AS
  • Conduct primary and secondary research in function of research design specifics
  • Design primary data analysis framework
  • Identify secondary data relevant and valid resources
  • Process secondary data
  • Develop detailed proposals outlining case study objectives linked to faculty and client goals and learning objectives
  • Demonstrate superb capabilities in business writing, analysis and management education
  • Secure the release of company field-researched material used in the case study, such as proprietary information and interview quotes
  • Manage individual custom faculty, client and company engagements, dealing with all aspects of project deliverables i.e. case studies, teaching notes and supplemental pedagogical materials. Such aspects include: intelligence collection, quantitative and qualitative analysis, deliverable creation, and publication
  • Map out stages of case development (from inception to publication)
  • Establish a standard ASB case study/ teaching note template, style guide, citation guide and protocol to uphold strict adherence to intellectual and academic integrity, maintaining formatting standards and exacting editing methodology
  • Develop legal templates for companies to release proprietary information, non-disclosure forms, and royalty agreements
  • Identify new case study leads
Qualification & Skills
  • Excellent analytical, research, writing and editing skills
  • Extensive understanding of international business, industry and management issues in Asia, as well as regional trends in business, government and society
  • Familiarity with education matters, particularly in Asia
  • Business-level English fluency, knowledge of Southeast Asian languages a plus
  • Strong coordination, communication, training facilitation and presentation skills
  • Good interpersonal skills with internal and external stakeholders
  • Comfortable, confident and articulate with faculty professors, C-suite business leaders, and high-ranking government officials
  • Capacity for high-volume work, and can manage issues straddling multiple domains (either across departments or between stakeholders)

Interested applicants are urged to submit their resume, cover letter and any relevant additional documentation.