Research Associate


The Center of Technology and Strategy (CTS), endowed by Sapura Energy and housed at the Asia School of Business in collaboration with MIT Sloan School of Management serves to be a leading focal point on studies of business strategies in emerging markets and their socio-political environment. This includes research interest in energy markets, innovation and technology. The CTS is looking for research associates for our flagship research project, Work of the Future Global Research Network (WotF-GRN) and projects related to energy sustainability and renewable energy. The research associate will also assist in other research events, seminars and workshops
with the CTS. The WOTF-GRN project is a new international research initiative overseen by the MIT’s Industrial Performance Center, aimed at generating comparative international research to reach data-driven conclusions on topics related to the work of the future. Our vision is to generate internationally comparable knowledge about how emerging technologies are shaping innovation, international
competitiveness, and the work of the future, initially focusing on the manufacturing sector. The WotF-GRN’s internationally comparable, evidence-based results will allow scholars, policymakers, businesses, and other stakeholders to develop new insights and shape strategies and policies appropriate in the context of specific countries and industries. One of GRN’s initial projects, led by Senior Researcher Dr. Timothy Sturgeon, involves collaboration in three countries: Brazil, Malaysia, and Turkey. In Malaysia, the initiative is conducted by Asia School of Business. Our research project on energy sustainability is a cross-country comparison and demographic
differences in understanding the factors leading to support for renewable energy and low-carbon development pathways. These factors will include both national interest and perceived self-interest.

Contract of one year, from November 2021 onwards.

The remuneration will be competitive, and will include EPF, health insurance and other benefits accorded to Asia School of Business staff.

Following the lifting of restrictions, the location of work is expected to be at the Asia School of Business campus at the heart of Kuala Lumpur, unless movement restriction is imposed.

Key Responsibilities

The research associate for the project will play the following role:

  1. To work closely with project team on planning the research project, including qualitative and quantitative parts of the project.
  2. To assist in identifying, communicating and performing interviews with potential interviewees.
  3. To assist in coordinating with survey companies to perform a national quantitative survey.
  4. To assist in the analysis and writing of the research results.
  5. Assist in other research events, seminars and workshops with the CTS.
Qualification & Skills
  1. Masters or Bachelor Degree in Social Sciences or specialization in studies related to the area of research interest. Masters degree graduate are preferred.
  2. Good command of English, command in Malay is an advantage.
  3. Proactive and able to work dynamically in a team.
  4. Willing to travel for interviews.

Interested candidates should send their cover letter and CV to Dr Renato and Zhai Gen at and by 12PM, 15th October 2021 (Malaysia Time, UTC +8).