Research Assistant


The Research Assistant vacancy is a temporary role to support the Faculty members in data collection, research and analytics.


Contract of 3 months.

Key Responsibilities

The Research Assistant will play the following role:

  • To collect data on U.S. bond yields, U.S. GDP growth, U.S announcements of nonfarm payrolls, and other data as requested by Faculty members;
  • To perform Principal Components Analysis of data on bond yields and shall perform the rotation of the resulting components as specified by Faculty members;
  • To estimate impulse responses by local projections and calculate the necessary statistics for inference.
Qualification & Skills
  • Bachelor Degree and above, experience in social science research is an advantage.
  • Good command of English and Malay (spoken and written).
  • Proactive and able to work dynamically in a team.
  • Skills : Data and statistical analyses.
  • Programming skills : R, Matlab, Stata, Python, Julia (optional)

Interested applicants are urged to submit their resume, cover letter and any relevant additional documentation