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Thursday, November 26, 2020 | 8:00 PM to 9:00 PM

Executive Education Programs

ASB offers a diverse range of open enrollment courses that address a broad range of management challenges. These self-contained programs are designed to address immediate problems and drive results. But for those seeking deeper expertise in a given domain, we offer five different Executive Certificate Tracks, whereby a participant can take multiple related courses, master a subject in greater depth, and earn an ASB Executive Certificate or an ASB Advanced Certificate through our Advanced Certificate Program (ACP). An ASB Executive Certificate enables the attainment of knowledge and skill depth in a given domain. Each certificate option provides that depth along with flexibility to customize the program to specific individual and organization needs.

Arm yourself with an ASB Executive Education toolkit that covers 4 key areas and embrace your future with confidence and expertise:

Corporate Governance

General Management

Finance & The Global Economy


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MBA Programs

The ASB MBA exposes our students to highly diverse cultures, various political and strategic perspectives, and exciting opportunities to test their growing smart and sharp skills in various industries, companies, and positions before graduation. We’ve embedded the nuances of these terms deeply within our curriculum, especially in our unique Action Learning experiences, where participants are exposed to highly diverse cultures, differing perspectives, and real-world business challenges. To navigate these, students need to be both smart and sharp – bringing our fresh new approach into play.

MBA Program

The first MBAs learned from industry veterans first-hand through the sharing of “war stories.” The MBA 2.0 model was focused on learning through discussing case studies.

We believe these are models of the past, and that an MBA 3.0 curriculum based upon Action Learning is the future. ASB’s MBA 3.0 (aka ASB Masters of Business in Action) blends theory and practice at every level, with ongoing opportunities to apply classroom-based theories to a broad range of organizational challenges.

Unparalleled Diversity
Our students and alumni come from all over the world, representing over 30 countries from six continents. Diversity deepens their MBA experience by encouraging unique perspectives and enabling innovative solutions.

MBA Program For Working Professionals

MBA-WP Info Session
Thursday, November 26, 2020 | 8:00 PM to 9:00 PM

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Designed for mid-career leaders, the MBA for Working Professionals is a transformative experience that integrates education and career performance in a unique way.

Through a combination of remote and on-campus instruction, students simultaneously learn the foundations of business management and apply their learnings through our unique learning in action curriculum.

Our curriculum is centered around direct application of theory to impactful business challenges. The MBA-WP provides ongoing opportunities to learn, test and apply classroom-based theories, cases, and real world examples to strategic challenges in students’ own organizations.