MBA For Professionals

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ASB MBA for Professionals courses are taught by a mix of world-class MIT Sloan and ASB faculty. MIT Sloan professors travel to Kuala Lumpur and teach classes in intensive modules. They are joined by ASB resident faculty from the most prestigious schools in the world. Additionally, ASB brings in international industry experts and government leaders to provide a real-world perspective on today’s business challenges.

The Asia School of Business MBA for Professionals is currently being designed for the working professional. Expected to launch in August 2019, it is based on the same rigor and quality of both the ASB Full-Time MBA Program and MIT Sloan. Our MBA for Professionals combines world-class teaching with Asian perspectives for a heightened global business dynamics understanding.

MBA for Professionals’ students will come to campus for a week-long module approximately once every 6 weeks, and in the course of their 22-month program, spend approximately 18 weeks on campus in residency. As part of the program, students focus on a custom designed Action Learning Program that allows them to apply skills and tools learned in the classroom directly to solve problems within their companies.  The program also includes a 4-week immersion experience at MIT Sloan, career mapping within current employers, and professional development assessments and workshops.

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