Mandatory Accreditation Program

Program Overview

A mandatory accreditation program (MAP) for directors of public listed companies (PLCs) in Malaysia. Designed to on-board new directors of PLCs or directors of companies going for listing or directors of non-listed subsidiaries of PLCs.

It is designed to on-board new directors of PLCs or directors of companies going for listing. Under the Bursa Listing Requirements (Paragraph 15.08 and Practice Note 5), directors appointed to the boards of PLCs must complete this program within 4 months of—being appointed or the company’s listing date (in the case of a newly listed company). The program is also open to directors of non-listed subsidiaries of PLCs or anyone else who might be interested although priority will be given to the above-mentioned groups in the event that there is a higher demand for a particular program date.

Directors of PLCs play a critical role as stewards of companies that have raised funds from the public. How directors understand their roles and responsibilities will drive both their individual and collective performance which in turn, will impact the direction of their companies and their companies’ success or failure.

The MAP is specially designed to dive deep into what it means to be a PLC director – identifying the company’s key stakeholders and outlining the nature of directors’ responsibilities to each stakeholder group. In this highly interactive program over 1.5 days, directors of PLCs will gain a comprehensive introduction to their roles, responsibilities and obligations under the Bursa Listing Requirements. The program will also explore the importance of setting the right tone at the top.

Mandatory Accreditation Program

18 – 20 JANUARY 2021



Program Fee

RM 2,750