Position Overview

The Asia School of Business (ASB) is a collaboration started in 2015 between Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM) and MIT Sloan School of Management. The establishment of this world class graduate business school in Kuala Lumpur offers both degree and non-degree programs to serve the needs of Malaysia, ASEAN, and contribute to the advancement of the emerging world.

The ASB Knowledge Management Center (KMC) will operate in the school’s new, state-of-the-art campus at Kuala Lumpur. To help shape and operationalize ASB’s new KMC, the school is hiring its founding librarian.

In line with a progressive view of the future of libraries, as recommended by a task force from MIT[1], ASB KMC aims to be a global digital platform for knowledge creation, research and collaboration, providing the following features:

  1. A library of the future of the ASB community and beyond;
  2. ASB’s resource sharing platform for global teaching & research collaboration;
  3. Space for student research and development;
  4. Sectoral resource research & development;
  5. Center of digitalisation development of knowledge resources, tools and data.

The founding librarian should be entrepreneurial to continually develop the KMC, especially in building the foundation for a digital KMC. It is expected that the librarian will have the ability to work independently, under some general directions from the department heads. The founding librarian will preferably have experience in establishing university library services, especially in business schools, and be eager to go beyond traditional library services to establish a forward-looking, digital-first KMC for the future. The librarian should also have experience in assisting research projects and is willing to be trained in digital tools for the future, such as data science tools.

[1] Report available at

Principal Duties and Responsibilities (Essential Functions**)

The Librarian role includes:

  1. Knowledge consulting:
    • Serving as information knowledge consultant in research projects;
    • Serving as student’s reference and consultant for data and knowledge tools;
    • Building topical library resource guides to enhance research projects;
    • Establishing foundation for a digital library with data tool development capabilities.
  2. Institutional collaboration:
    • Participate in the Library’s collaboration with other external libraries and relevant affiliates to broaden library services. Collaboration may include Malaysian government agencies, academia, international;
    • Managing international shared-access mechanism.
  3. Library resources:
    • Assess, acquire and renew latest and relevant printed and digital resources, process the acquisitions, classify, catalogue and create metadata for easy retrieval;
    • Building and maintaining a repository of ASB publications;
  4. Library operations:
    • Oversee the Library’s print and digital resources to ensure accessibility to users;
    • Provide assistance and advisory to users to help them find and use the Library’s materials or provide referral to other sources, towards meeting users’ needs for their reference and research materials. This includes assisting users with their research queries, serve as a Liaison Librarian and provide services at the Information Desk;
    • Respond to users’ feedback in the Library’s communication platforms to ensure continuous improvement;
    • Managing access point and reference for online subscriptions;
    • Develop online learning and digital instructional tutorials to support users’ access and address their queries.
Required Skill and Competencies
  • Advanced degree (Masters or Phd) in Library Management or Information Management, or another field where significant research was a component of the degree.
  • At least five years experience in research-oriented position(s) and/or in university libraries; experience in a business school and/or in social sciences is a plus.
  • Experience in assisting academic research projects.
  • Skills in data science and programming is an advantage.

Interested applicants are urged to submit their resume, cover letter and any relevant additional documentation.