The 2020 Entrepreneurship Trek culminated in a showcase of 8 innovative and ground-breaking student projects, including a storytelling app to connect socially-distanced grandparents with their beloved grandchildren, an AI-driven platform designed for blind jobseekers using videos and keyword recognition to help them stand out to prospective employers, and a stereotype-shattering skincare product designed for Asian men’s needs.


An amateur sport competition platform
Sporstition is A self-service one-stop platform for sports competitions that allows anyone to create, share, find, attend and record sport competition events that fuel their passions and enrich their lives.


An amateur running app
RunCom is an application for amateur runners to schedule group runs, share knowledge and get community support


A single access banking platform
ONA is an open banking platform that provides you access and full control over your financial data.


Intelligent software sourcing platform
Torch is an online platform that helps guide the user to search for software tools through intelligent matching, crowdsourcing, and guided searches.


Integrated loyalty platform
Neer is an integrated platform that aggregate all your benefit from your loyalty program into one place.


Personal AI Financial Advisor
FinExpert is an Artificial Intelligence-based financial advisory application, offering affordable data driven curated solutions, with peer evaluation and gamification.


Simplifying Financial Responsibilities
TaxEasy helps entry-level workforce to keep track of their expenses, prepare their tax supporting documents, improve financial literacy and avoid financial pitfall.


One-stop sustainability shop
SowGood is an online shopping platform that focuses on sustainability products throughout its product cycle. All products featured in the online store are locally-sourced, cruelty-free, organic, fairly-traded, halal, and recyclable.


Eco-wardrobe application
ReDress is a user-friendly one-stop-shop mobile platform for used clothes, offering options for users to resell, repair, donate, and rent.


A vocational training platform
PracticalJob is an online environment with the goal of providing vocational-training and aims to connect Latin American immigrants with job opportunities in the United States


Turn waste into assets
Carbon Pay’s platform empowers e-commerce platforms to reduce carbon footprint by incentivizing consumers to recycle packing material through gamification.


Opening Minds, Changing Lives
PELUANG provides access and helps connect B40 talents to sustainable employment in cities, followed by coaching, mentorship, and network support.


Democratizing Philanthropy
CHARYATO is a multi-sided platform which provides a single consolidated channel for charities or individuals to support their preferred causes. This platform promotes democracy, accountability and transparency in charity.

Happy Fishermen’s Friend

B2B platform to empower fishermen to sell catch at better prices
HFF provides a bigger market network to ensure selected zone’s fishermen could sell catch at better prices via B2B platform powered by a social entrepreneur team. This is to help reduce poverty among fishermen in selected zone due to underutilized fishing capacity.


Locking Food from Waste
Foodlocker is an online and offline platform that re-routes edible food surplus to beneficiaries and inedible food surplus to composting.


Redefining Education
REED provides opportunities for teachers and students to access good quality education by offering them new platforms to share and access teaching materials from skilled teachers.


Motherhood Empowerment Project
MaeCan supports mother job-seekers to go back to work after childbirth. MaeCan creates sustainable value chains by collaborating with mothers who are job seekers, trainers, employers and government bodies.


Empathy for Kids
Sely is an educational software tool to assess children’s emotions and reactions through the game of scenarios. Sely thus helps teachers to provide the right support needed for children’s upbringing.


Period and mood tracking application
KitarKita is an elevated period tracking app, powered by machine learning, that offers tailored mood predictions for better mood management.


Customize meal kit
MagicBox is an online platform that provide consumers a healthy and convenient cooking experience with personalized options for specific needs.

“Their pitching and storytelling abilities could actually raise money in the real world. I learnt a lot from the MBA students!”

– Thinesh Kumar, Founder and CEO, Lapasar


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