Siti Hadija Mohd

Senior Lecturer

Area of Expertise:

Malaysian history, Southeast Asian history, Islamic history, Legal and cultural history, Nationalistic uprising in the Middle East and the Malay Archipelago in the late 19th century to the mid 20th century, Molecular biology and genetics, Microbiology, Clinical biology

Dr. Hadija Mohd is a Faculty member and ASB’s Senior Lecturer. She has been with ASB since 2018. Prior to ASB, she has had a decade of inter-disciplinary and inter-departmental professional working experiences, namely as a university lecturer, college tutor, international schoolteacher, genetic lab researcher, research historian as well as a corporate consultant and a management trainer. Hadija’s journey in ASB has been very unique and unconventional. She started off as part of the original Academic Associate (AA) team managing professors and students in all course-related tasks, inside and outside of classrooms. Later, she transitioned to lead the AA team as the team’s Head. Within this same period of time, Dr. Hadija was given multiple platforms to teach various different classes from history to culture to management to research tools. Now, she is an official member of the Faculty team as a Senior Lecturer specializing in Action Learning, Summer Associate Program and courses/activities related to Culture, History and general management.

Dr. Hadija’s most recent research that is currently ongoing is on the ethnology of the volunteers on the Malaysian Vaccination Program. Being part of the Malaysia Vaccine Support Volunteer (MyVac) herself from June 2021 to August 2021, she has been immersed in her observation and experience in the operations of the national vaccination program. However, what struck her the most was the intention, motivation, aspiration and incentives of the volunteers. She is currently analysing her collected data and is looking to reach as many audiences as possible on the insights of this historical moment in our lifetime. She is also currently planning to expand the study to other Covid-19 related programs; namely volunteers from the Covid Assessment Centre (CAC) and the Kuala Lumpur Hospital One-Stop Centre (Pusara HKL).

Hadija has a Ph.D. and Masters degree in History and Civilization as well as a Bachelor in Biomedical Science from the International Islamic University Malaysia (UIAM). Her academic and teaching background includes Islamic History, World History, Asian and Malaysian History, Islamic Studies, Fatwa Studies, Medical Sciences (Anatomy, Physiology, Microbiology, Biochemistry), General Sciences and the Humanities (Geography, Social Studies, Global Perspectives). Passionate about History, Hadija is a member of the Malaysian History Society (Persatuan Sejarah Malaysia) and is working to have several of her manuscripts and work in history published. Her other most recent works that will are undergoing refinement and waiting to be published are:

“The course of authority & legal status of Islamic jurisdiction in Malaya in the late 1800s to early 1900s”, “The role of intellectual Islamic opinions & fatwa in Malaysia in the first half of the 20th century” and “Mufti and fatwa in post-colonial & modern-day Malaysia”

  1. Mohd, Siti Hadija. (2020). Tracing The Development & Transformation Of Religious Opinions & The Fatwa Institution In Malaysia. (published)
  2. Mohd, Siti Hadija. (2019). Secular Humanism and Islamic Humanism – Is there a Common Ground?. JUSPI (Jurnal Sejarah Peradaban Islam). 3. 33. 10.30829/juspi.v3i1.4025. (published)
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  4. Development of Emotional Intelligence of selected Clients of PDC, Pre and Post Trainings, 2018 (internal publication)
  5. Pre and Post Assessments of Senior Leadership Programs among GLC Clients of PDC, 2018 (internal publication)
  6. Significance HR and L&D Tools for a Media Group of Companies in Malaysia: Prescription Platform to a Billion, 2018 (internal publication)
  7. The Pre-Colonial Development of Fatwa and its Post-Colonial Transformation in Malaysia (unpublished)
  8. The Legal Status of Fatwa: a Historical Analysis of the Transformation of Fatwa from the Classical Period to the Modern Era (unpublished)
  9. The binding Nature of Fatwa under the Malaysian Legal System: Problems, Perceptions and Prospects (unpublished)
  10. Revisiting the Fatwa and Law Conundrum in Malaysia (unpublished)
  11. The Relationship between the Fatwa Institution in Malaysia and the Judiciary: Current Trend and Future Perspectives (unpublished)
  12. AT, Norlelawati & Ms, Salman & Wahab, Abdul & Mohd, Siti Hadija. (2011). Screening for thalassaemia among group of students of a higher institution -our experience. International Medical Journal Malaysia. 10. 3-6. (published)

Courses (Main Faculty):

  1. Action Learning I & II, Fall 2021 (Faculty Lead & Faculty Advisor)
  2. Summer Associate Program, Summer 2021 (Faculty Lead & Faculty Advisor)

Guest Instructor/Co-Faculty:

  1. Organizational Processes (MBA Class of 2022)
  2. Leading and Managing People: A Micro-OB Perspective (MBA Class of 2021)
  3. Action Learning V (Entrepreneurial Trek, MBA Class of 2021)
  4. Action Learning I (MBA Class of 2022)
  5. Action Learning V (Entrepreneurial Trek, MBA Class of 2020)
  6. Academic Writing: Integrity and Format (all cohorts)