ASB-MIT Work of the Future Research Project

Dr. Renato Lima de Oliveira, Tan Zhai Gen, Deborah Chow, Vaisnavi Mogan Rao, | Research Series
Research Center: Center of Technology, Strategy & Sustainability
As part of MIT’s Work of the Future – Global Research Network, the research project aims to look at Malaysia’s technology adoption (Industry 4.0) and how the work of the future would look like across a few countries, namely Turkey, Malaysia, and Brazil. Through 60 qualitative interviews and a nationally-representative quantitative survey of manufacturers, this research will help in deepening global understanding on Industry 4.0 adoption and shaping national IR4.0 policies for the future.

Our team is currently in the process of drafting a working report based on our preliminary findings based on a total of 48 completed interviews (13 provider companies and 35 adopters). The adopter companies we have interviewed come from a variety of sectors as highlighted in figure 1. Our preliminary report will be launched in quarter four of 2022 and will be made available on our website.

Our nationally-representative quantitative survey is currently in the field aim to understand technology adoption and its impact on the workforce across the following domains: level of technology adoption, sources of technology, operational practices, along with its impact on workforce.

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