Money Services Business Directors Education Programme (MSB – DEP)

Money Services Business Directors Education Program

This is a mandated program for directors and CEOs of money services businesses with an annual turnover of RM30 million or more.

Program Overview

The objectives of the MSB-DEP are as follows:

  • Promote greater clarity on the roles and responsibilities of MSB directors and CEOs in discharging their functions;
  • Foster more effective boardroom governance and processes in providing continuous oversight and strategic direction to the MSB licensee;
  • Assist the board of directors to embed a strong risk management and compliance culture for the MSB licensee;
  • Enhance the board of directors’ effectiveness in deliberations on MSB licensees’ affairs and decision making; and.
  • Equip directors and CEOs with the ability to recognise and evaluate wide-ranging issues and their impact on risk and corporate strategy.

Registration for the MSB-DEP is handled by the Malaysian Association of Money Services Business (MAMSB).

To register, please contact: