Going Beyond Technology to Transforming People, Culture, and Strategy


At ASB we think of Digital Transformation in 3 stages.

  1. Strategic Digital Transformation and Innovation
    In this module, we discuss and learn about disruptive trends in the client’s industry; how such disruptive trends pose to the existing systems; and what are the organizational capabilities required to be ready to address these future challenges
  1. People Transformation (Organizational, Cultural, and People)
    In this module, we discuss and learn how to influence corporate culture, alter the way their organizations respond to the challenges of innovation and strengthen relationships with partners along the value chain.
  1. Operational Transformation (Digital Assets, Technology and Tools)
    In this module, we discuss how to digitize the operations, to improve the quality and the efficiency of the functions in is mandate, how to reimagine traditional work functions and build internal capabilities to design processes that fully utilize the innovations available with digital technologies; how to comprehend the implications (benefits, costs, and risks) of new digital assets, how to formulate and execute policies in response to the risks and opportunities presented by these new digital assets.

Transformation in Action – On request
ASB is a Global Leader in Action Learning and we bring our expertise in Executive Education. In between each module, we usually propose an action learning hybrid module based on the tools provided in each module to help operationalize, with the help of experts such as faculty and coaches, the new digital tools.

  • Understand salient points in each of the stages to start and lead digital transformation efforts in the organization.
  • Learn the key factors for success, the challenges during the process of digital transformation.
  • Learn how to align digital transformation with overall business strategy.
  • Learn the leadership and culture required from top management to company-wide talent in this process.

Prof. Dr. Loredana Padurean is the Associate Dean at the Asia School of Business, a collaboration between the Central Bank of Malaysia and MIT Sloan School of Management, and also holds an appointment as International Faculty Fellow at MIT Sloan. At ASB Prof. Loredana has been one of the key “nailers” behind the establishment of the school, and, in particular, has directed development of the globally recognized action learning program at ASB.

She is a global entrepreneurial academic with a track record of program, school, and intellectual leadership for multiple degree program business units, and she has been an international keynote speaker in the United States, Asia-Pacific, and Europe. Her most recent research, “Nail it, Scale it, Sail it,” focuses on understanding the evolution of start-ups to scale-ups to sail-ups. Prof. Loredana has an MA in Communication and Economics and a PhD in Management from USI Switzerland.


Associate Dean and Faculty Director for Action Learning
International Faculty Fellow at MIT

Entrepreneurship, Management, Strategy, Organizational Development


Professionals in traditional companies as well as entrepreneurs seeking to adopt to digital transformation in their organization


This program is definitely very useful for those in the DT space / undergoing digital revolution


Faculty has a lot of energy. Good time spent & with a lot of takeaways. I will definitely recommend my colleagues to attend.

Great course overall. The staggered morning timing over 2 non-consecutive days worked well.


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February 28 – March 1

9.00am – 1.00pm

Changes to the delivery mode for ASB ICLIF Executive Education courses may be made in accordance with government policies

Program Fee

RM 3,000 / USD 770

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